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Achieve a Return-on-Passion


An NCA membership is a highly sought-after exclusive member community. Our membership provides an exceptional opportunity for successful individuals and finance professionals from all walks of life to personally and professionally invest themselves in the entertainment industry and achieve a wide variety of returns including a tremendous return-on-passion. Our members experience the entertainment industry as true industry insiders and enjoy an array of insider perks and benefits including:


Attend exclusive events at Premiere Film Festivals.


Attend industry-only Award Ceremonies.


Attend exclusive Theatrical Premieres and Film Screenings.


Enjoy exclusive On-Set Access to Feature Films in Production.


Track the Buzz and Behind-the-Scenes videos of your favorite NCA Feature Films online with project blogs.


Gain 24/7 Access to NCA’s Premiere Portfolio of projects slated for, or currently in production.


Enjoy having a dedicated representative available to assist you with your entertainment needs or questions. Enjoy the ability to become an NCA Executive Producer on a feature film that you select.


Join us on the red carpet! Take the next step in pursuit of your passion for independent film. Where Magic Meets Logic and our approach ensures domestic theatrical distribution for each feature film we produce in up to 3,500 theaters, automatically placing our films in the top 5% of the market (films achieving distribution) and enabling them to compete for their potential share of annual domestic box office revenues.


Because our studio theatrically distributes each project, we have the potential to shorten the time frame between a feature film’s physical production and its box office and home entertainment market potential.